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Product use


--The control software of IP network broadcasting and intercom system, is the core component of the system. It is a comprehensive management platform of broadcasting system data exchange, system operation and functional operation, which is integrated timing task, fire alarm, radio, broadcast, external file recovery, intercom terminal feedback, recording, monitoring linkage, wireless remote control software module.

--Can run on the common computer and IP network broadcast industrial control computer.

Product function

--The standard TCP/IP protocol, software package is with multiple server software (timed tasks, fire alarm, wireless remote control, external mining, broken network, terminal feedback, telephone broadcast, sub control software can be sued arbitrarily etc.);This software can be used in the same segment LAN, cross gateway LAN, and Internet online. That means it has the remote broadcast notification functions to the various segments through the INTERNET while the headquarters are installed the related equipment and software. It also supports for multi class server (suitable for wide area network project).

--Responsible for audio streaming on demand service, planning task processing, workstation sub control software management and rights management etc.

--To provide real-time broadcast and real-time on-demand service to all the digital IP network broadcast audio terminal, meet the terminal and the remote paging terminal playback request, to provide data interface services for the workstation sub control software.

--YUYOU IP network broadcast audio server software can transfer the traditional audio resources into digital program and save in the server storage system (can save  tens of thousands of programs), It is very convenient for users to use any future or at the same time, also for a week without repeat.

--With the detection function, real-time monitoring of the use of any one of the terminal node.

--Analog audio real-time input support system, transfer the analog audio signal into the real-time digital signal, realize multi-channel and real-time gathering and broadcasting.

--With timing automatic switch machine function, timing switch for the computer, industrial control host and all equipment.

--The system has traditional and network broadcast two systems. When the network broadcast fails, it can automatically switch to the simulation system for broadcasting. And the speakers still use IP network broadcasting system box without any rearrangement.

--IP network server control software is the core of the entire system, using the background system services for running, boot system can automatically run.

--System software supports Windows2000, WINDOWS2003, XP Windows, Windows7 and other systems platform.

--The software system has double insurance function, can set the main server and backup server, when the main server failure or infected with the virus, the backup server can automatically replace the master server to work, improve the system stability and reliability.

--Server software supports third party platform embedded development, provides with the SDK third party software development kit, realizes the system integration of with big system with the big platform.

--The software system integrates a number of commonly used monitoring brand (HIKVISION, AHUA, HANBANG etc.) SDK development package. When applied to an IP network intercom system, it directly to realize the function  of real-time linkage with the monitoring system.

--System software has the function of radio monitoring, alarm linkage, wireless remote control, telephone access control, program source and data are not limited, unlimited site, easy expansion.

--Support single point play: any single point, group, partition, or all broadcast.

--Timed fixed area fixed track play. With automatic music bell, timing program and real-time audio broadcast production, can achieve timing fixed, are fixed and music fixed real-time play. With unattended system function, it can automatically close and open the f power amplifier on each node according to the broadcast audio signal.

--The software has function of full duplex two-way intercom, recording, log, network, network microphone automatic queuing, calls reminder, busy wait and call transfer.

--With remote control speech, Partition free on-demand, online free speech area broadcast, paging intercom recording function.

--The system has broken network of audio terminal, automatic bell, automatic timing update on terminal disconnection bell timer program function.

--The software has the function terminal feedback speech: can arbitrarily specified a terminal as the broadcast source, then encode it’s own audio line, microphone sound source into digital audio stream in real time and broadcast to any other multiple terminals.

--The system can transmit multi-channel audio to each network node. To be connected with the traditional audio signals and audio files in the form of a combination of transmission, i.e. each audio bandwidth is less than 100KBPS, supported all the audio formats  (MP3, WAV etc.) which are supported by WINDOWS.

--The software has the fire alarm function, can receive and process the fire center signal according to a preset, motivate the alarm voice of broadcast system. It also can support neighbored layer alarm, all area alarm and Partition alarm. Built-in alarm voice playback module and alarm voice acquisition module, can play a pre stored voice alarm or acquisition external alarm voice.

--Client sub control software achieve remote management by login in the server through IP network (LAN, WAN). Mainly to complete the audio real-time mining, program resource management and timing broadcast function. Through the authorization in the sub control software, it can edit and modify the broadcast task directly on the server. After connecting the microphone  with the sound card of control workstation computer, it can have real-time acquisition and compression  then broadcast to each digital audio terminal without and manual intervention from the main control broadcast room. With remote management on the server program library, you can make the audio program remote upload, added and deleted.

--The software can set for the outdoor type with LCD display the text shown on the IP terminal( displayed in the free ).Also can set three text cycle display.

--To achieve timing play and timing task function on the disconnection, at the same time you can IP update the timing task file to local SD card of each IP terminal, ensure the timing task of IP terminal local update.

--With the channel settings management function. You can set the channel number of  the IP terminal with the outer control panel, also can set the audio files of each channel.

--Software has the function of examination mode. In the examination of this option, you can prohibit the timing tasks of user registration and the user edition to ensure the smooth operation of the account, while the operation is simple and fast.



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