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Wireless Microphone YY-8014U(conference)

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  • Brand:    YUYOU
  • Type:    YY-8014U(conference)
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Product Features

--Frequency Response:740―790MHz
--Modulation:Broadband network  FMM   Adjustable range :50MHz
--Number of Channels:100(or 200)
--Channel spacing:250KHz
--Frequency stability:within +0.005%
--Dynamic range:100dB
--Max deviation:+45KHz
--Audio response:80Hz―18KHz
--Integrated Signal to noise Ratio:〉105dB
--Work temperature:-10C~40C



--Receiver way:The second frequency conversion  super heterodyne
--IF frequency:First if:110MHz,Second if :107MHz
--Wireless interface:BNC∕50Ω
--Sensitivity adjustable:12―32dBuV
--Modulation noise:〉75dB
--Maximum output:+10dBV


--Antenna program :Collar clip type Transmitter Using 1/4 wave whip antenna. Hand held microphone using Axis spiral antenna.

--Output power: high 30mW,low 3mW
--Modulation noise:―60dB
--Power supply:Two AA batteries
--Use time:30mW less than 10hours, 3mW, less than 15hours 

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